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101 Vagina book

This image is part of the 101 Vagina book.IMG_8383 1000px-2

The entire book is currently exhibited as part of the Sydney Fringe festival until this Sunday 22 September, daily from 12 to 6pm.

The book and 2014 calendar are also for sale online, at the exhibition and these book shops.

101 Vagina Book Exhibition
Tap Gallery 45 Burton St Darlinghurst
Dates: 17-22 Sept. 2013, 12-6pm.

What is 101 Vagina about?

The IMG_5594-800-m101 Vagina book is about breaking down the taboo around vaginas and body image shame generally. It confronts the lies we are told about what’s normal and celebrates our uniqueness and diversity. 101 Vagina is also about the sharing of story and experience, the passing down of knowledge and wisdom.

The book contains 101 beautiful black and white photos of 101 women, along with a message, story or poem written by each woman to accompany their photo. The messages are candid and span the spectrum of emotions. They form a small compendium of women’s experiences with their bodies and womanhood in general.

101 Vagina is light and profound, cheeky and deep.


Vagina Censorship at the Sydney Fringe

IMG_8266 640px-2101 Vagina was also selected to be part of the Fringe Arts Forum, a visual arts showcase.

However, months after arrangements were made, the venue decided that the images must be censored because they want the venue to be “family friendly”.

So, I decided to censor the “offending” genitalia with interactive QR codes which take people, via their smartphones, to various vagina censorship related articles, or the uncensored image.

In the mean time, Honi Soit happened (unrelated) and all heaven broke loose in the media.

Vagina related taboos, and body image shame generally, are connected to the staggering increase in women and girls seeking labiaplasty, to which Australian censorship law contributes. Our law!

The main 101 Vagina Book Exhibition at Tap Gallery hosts all the uncensored images and messages from the book.


The perfect present!

The 101 Vagina book and a 2014 calendar are available here and at the main exhibition at Tap Gallery for the duration of the exhibition (until Sunday 22 Sept) for a discounted price.

Many people have been buying the book for friends and family members. If they’re not quite up to your speed, give it to yourself and ease them into vagina love gently by leaving it sitting on your coffee table when they come to visit ;)

Buy the book v1


101 Vagina Book Exhibition (Sydney Fringe 2013)

At the Fringe Arts Forum (only seven of the images and censored) IMG_8308 1000px

11-28 September.
Wednesday to Sunday, 2-6pm.
Italian Forum, Cultural Centre
23 Norton St, Leichardt

101 Vagina Book Exhibition (entire book exhibited, uncensored)

Dates:IMG_8383 1000px-2
17-22 September
12-6pm daily
Tap Gallery
45 Burton St, Darlinghurst

Melbourne Fringe:
101 Vagina will also be in the Melbourne Fringe from 25 Sept to 6 Oct 2013.

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