Interviews at 101 Vagina Book Exhibition

I finally got around to editing interviews of visitors to the 101 Vagina Book Exhibition in Melbourne.

Various people’s responses to the book and exhibition express a range of emotions that often took the viewers by surprise.

This exhibition was part of the 2013 Melbourne Fringe arts festival in September/October 2013.

Posts about the exhibition itself are here and feedback from the exhibition here:


101 Vagina live on Channel 31

I was very excited to be live on TV for the first time on Channel 31!

Friday 27 September 2013

The Comic Box were doing a series of interviews of artists that were participating in the Melbourne Fringe arts festival. Normally they have a focus on theatre and performance art, but for the fringe they branch out and interview a broad range of art.

The other interviews are edited out, but the show intro and credits remain. It’s a bit kooky, but I think I got the main messages out there well enough :)

Thanks to the crew who put it together, all voluntarily !

Enjoy :)

Designer Vagina



I’m saving up for a designer vagina
Model 3000 with a bell and a zip
I’m saving up for a designer vagina
Gonna finally be one of the cool kids

Do you love your labia ladies?
Do you love your labia?
Do you love your labia ladies?
They say that it’s true
That every girl could do
With a tidy and a trim
On what the cat dragged in

I’m gonna get me a designer vagina
Ken and Barbie will start returning my calls
I hope they set me up with a real man
With sprayed on jocks and no actual balls

All I’ve got to do is make the appointment
I’ll have to book early to avoid disappointment
I’m really not nervous not even a bit (or-us)
Was I supposed to put in writing that I want to keep my clitoris?

Do you love your labia ladies?
Do you love your labia?
Do you love your labia ladies?
Everybody’s doin it
Don’t want to be different
Labelled as the lopsided, long lipped, labyrinthed freak show that
You are?

I’ve got my legs up in the stainless stirrups
And sir doctor man has got a blue posca (texta/marker) in his hands
It’s like he’s a seamstress, lining up the darts
With correction marks along my private parts

I’m telling you I’m legs up getting all ready
When Doc widens his eyes and holds himself steady
Cos a voice can be heard with wisdom and grace
Although not a word leaves the lips on my face…

It is my labia. Singing.

Don’t cut off your lips to spite your face!
coz love can languish long in lazy symphony
In the soft and warm, passionate embrace
In diversity of colour, length and symmetry (asymmetric is the new black, baby)

You got to love your labia ladies
You got to love your labia
You got to love your labia ladies
The petals of a flower should never be trimmed
Long or short or odd or fat or thin
Or even plain old weird-looking.