The day my baby is due

“26th May 2011

Today is the day that my baby is due, as I sit here and ponder, process, purge, cry, laugh, reminisce and prepare for her very eminent birth I also take some time to appreciate my vagina for it is about to undertake a very big task.

My vagina has gone by many names as well as served many purposes, I have always appreciated it, loved it and been filled with gratitude for the pleasure, pain and other sensations it has provided me with over the years. I have allowed it to be abused by myself and others but I have also paid great homage to the temple of my vagina. I have always loved its responsiveness and its never-ending variety of textures - providing a multitude of sensations. I used to love the way it looked in all its complete naturalness of being. However, things are pretty different down yonder these days, for starters, I can’t even see it!

I never would have imagined the changes that my vagina has undergone during my pregnancy, the sheer expansiveness that my vagina has expressed during my pregnancy is incredible. I had no idea that it would grow thicker, be at least twice as large as it used to be, be engorged with blood and be something that I can hardly recognise as my own sweet vagina. My vagina in some ways is not mine at the moment, my child has taken it over as her own portal and has morphed it into a swollen cushion to soften her soon-to-be grand entrance into the world. It has taken me a few months to not feel ashamed of it, to accept it and to get used to my ever-growing mound of Venus. I am blown away by the ability of my body to facilitate all manifestations of being a woman.

I wonder if it will return to how it used to look and feel after I give birth or is this my new vagina - fleshy, full and a monument to motherhood.

I honour my morphing vagina…and look forward to the next incarnation that it takes on.”


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