Upstart review of 101 Vagina Book Exhibition

101 Vagina has enjoyed a bit of media attention, but in spite of this there has actually been very little in the way of a serious review of either the book or exhibition.

This article by some journalism students is actually the best review I have seen to date because it actually speaks about how the writer is affected as a viewer experiencing the content. It conveys a little of the effect that the exhibition has had on so many people.

I spent almost the entire time the exhibition was on sitting there, watching and engaging with guests. The most common experience that I observed and that people shared was that they felt confronted, but in a way that opened them, rather than closing them.

And this is after all the main aim of the 101 Vagina project, to open hearts and minds.

Thank you to Erin Lyons and Ivana Krsteska.


Book Review: Ciao Magazine

101 Vagina Book review and article in Ciao Magazine online today. Print version will follow.

Gutsy to use an image showing a vagina page from the book!

See the article here:

Also, see this article in Ciao about children and the 101 Vagina project:

Ciao Magazine 2013-06-27