Philip Werner on Nude Photography and Shame

joy-949-fm1Here is the live radio interview on Joy FM 94.9 Hide and Seek program with Andrew the Apprentice and Avi Miller, Thursday 31 October 2013.

You can also listen to the audio file through the player below.

They called to ask me onto the show in response to an article I wrote in the Good Men Project titled “Getting over shame through nude photography“.

Most of the discussion is more about the 101 Penis project I’m working on, but also body image shame generally and also the 101 Vagina project.


2SER 107.3FM radio interview

On the evening of the Monday that we bumped the 101 Vagina Exhibition in to the 107 Projects gallery we headed over to the nearby 2SER studios on Broadway in Sydney.

In their own words: “Double X is an irreverent feminist program that explores everything from pop culture to politics from a female perspective. Break outside the mainstream mold and listen to female voices talk about issues that concern all women.”

I enjoy interviews and it was great to meet and discuss the issues with the show’s passionate hosts.

About the program they wrote:

“In anticipation for Saturday’s Festival of the Vagina, we spoke with photographer Phillip Werner about vaginas and how he went about recruiting women for his project 101 Vagina.

101 Vagina is a new coffee table book with photographs of 101 women’s vaginas accompanied by the women’s stories. Brigitte Garozzo, from the Polyamory Action Lobby joins us for this interesting chat about the politics of what is a vagina.”

Please follow the below link or listen to the podcast here.


101 Vagina on ABC Radio National



101 Vagina is featured in this week’s The Body Sphere program presented by Amanda Smith on ABC Radio National.

The program goes to air today, Sunday 14 April 2013 at 5pm and the full show is available for download as an mp3 podcast here.

Besides the interview with myself and one of the participants, Rubydale, the program includes a review of the book “God’s Doodle” by Tom Hickman and an audio recording of a man undergoing a vasectomy as it is being performed.

The 101 Vagina interview starts at 18m:03s into the show. Below I have included just the 101 Vagina part.

Interview on 3CR 855 AM - Girls Radio Offensive

Feel very honoured by Dale at Girls Radio Offensive (3CR radio 855 AM) for devoting so much of her show to our interview about the 101 Vagina project !

Here is the podcast, have a listen. I had to strip away all the show lead in etc due to copyright stuff.



Italian radio R101 discussion about 101 Vagina

Am super excited that 101 Vagina was discussed on popular Italian radio station R101 by host Marco Balestri on 24/10/12.

Here is the audio of the spot and below is what that did to the website traffic!

I have no clear idea how things are over there in regards to genital taboos and body image shame, but I hope that it got people thinking and talking a bit.

Would love some comments below about the nature of the vagina taboo in Italy, how the project was received by the audience and what kind of discussion ensued.

Analytics are so good!


Interview on Joy FM 94.9


Here is the podcast of the interview on Joy FM 94.9 Les Link show on the 16th February 2012 !

I had never been interviewed on radio before so it was pretty exciting and interesting to see how it all works behind the scenes and great to meet the team.

They themselves don’t actually know how many people listen to the show, but they often get messages from people listening  in Europe! :)

All pod-casts of the show can be found here:

Now I need to keep working on a media release to see if I can score some more interviews :)