“Aware & Proud”

Hey Philip,

Great idea! :)

I would love to be involved, both by being photographed & by writing a short piece or paragraph.

It took me many years to feel comfortable with my vagina - to even look at it, properly, in a mirror. I used to think it was vulgar & something taboo, to be hidden & ashamed of. Much of that was to do with my early childhood sexual experiences - against my will.

I now think it is beautiful - a work of art :) MUCH healing has taken place for me over the years. I am 37 this year. It has only been approx 5yrs since I became more aware & proud of & in touch with my sexuality, and sexual organs.

What an amazing & empowering experience!

I highly commend you, for this magnificent idea! Women all over, even without any experience of sexual misconduct, are often shameful & afraid of their luscious womanly ‘parts’.

Such a book will bring awareness, self confidence - and probably a giggle :) to women - and men alike.

I am in!! :D

Shreya Xx

(Email published with sender’s permission)

“Genital Gossip”

“When I was 15 years old I was seeing an older guy who wanted to ‘go all the way’ but I was a virgin and wanted it to be with someone I loved, so I broke up with him. He was deeply sad and upset and confided in a group of mutual friends about how much he loved my vagina and described it to them in detail. The shape, the pubic area, how it felt on the inside, it’s pinkness, my labia…he left little out. I was at first mortified to hear a description of my innocent vagina being repeated back to me in detail, but then I was kind of pleased. Is my vagina something to be proud of? Something to be celebrated? Something worth talking about? I wondered how males felt when females gossip about their penis?

What was the long term affect on me? Well I can say that this little piece of ‘talk’ didn’t so much add to my ego, it was more like a little private smile was ignited within me. The gossip of my ex boyfriend had given me permission to think of my ‘V’ as beautiful. And this is a gift that has lasted a life time.  I hope this exhibition starts some powerful gossip about the beauty and uniqueness of all vagina’s so we can all reap the benefits of the genetalia regalia!”