Vagina/Vulva Muffins/Cupcakes !

So, my intent is for most of the blog content to be original, rather than re-posts and links etc.

However, I could not pass this one up. Vagina/vulva muffins/cupckaes are proliferating! :)

I’m realising how difficult it is to find the original creators of web content, considering that most things are simply reposted from other sources, but below is one example :)

Best to simply google “vagina cupcake”, click on “Images” at the top to get the google image search, and see for yourself!

From we have:
She even has a video on how to make them:

I would have thought there would be a market for this in Melbourne? I have not found anything locally on the net, was looking to promote someone local but came up empty handed. Let me know if you know of one.

Enjoy !

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