First draft of manuscript printed !

It was very exciting, after battling with printer settings for far too long etc, to finally print off a first draft manuscript of the book!

By now three years have passed since I first conceived the idea and two years (almost exactly) that I took the first photo, Vagina #001!

So it’s very satisfying and invigorating to see it in physical form after having spent so much time as an idea and as fragmented photos and stories. I am also pleased that this is essentially exactly as I had initially envisioned it, I have remained true to my stylistic concept as well as the book’s content, purpose etc.

Now I will be printing off a few to send out to see who might like to write a foreword.

Note that the final book will be much larger, hardcover, high quality, etc. The below is really just a first test run on an old laser printer.

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