Toronto 101 Vagina Exhibition and Book Launch

Time flies and suddenly I have arrived at the final exhibition of this three month exhibition tour of the USA and Canada!

It was a great help that the Globe and Mail article came out just before the exhibition opened, many people came to the exhibition because they had seen the article.

And now, finally, I get to rest and recover a little from this three month tour de force!

Thank you USA and Canada, until we meet again :)


New York 101 Vagina Exhibition and Book Launch

101 Vagina snuck into New York via NOoSPHERE Arts gallery in the Lower East Side (where all the hipsters live).

New York being New York, one night when I was out putting posters up around the place for the exhibition, I walked past a production set in a little park in Soho. It was for an episode of HBO’s popular TV series Girls.

Long story short, I got the book into the hands of Lena Dunham via the assistant director who had noticed one of the posters I put up!

Hey, Lena, want to incorporate an exploration of the book into one of you episodes? :) Well, that would turn the New York leg of the tour into a fairy tale, but you know, they sometimes come true, right?

Anyway, the exhibition was a success attracting many curious passers-by off the street along with those who’d heard about it.

Next stop, Toronto !


101 Vagina Book Exhibition at Laguna Beach: 1 to 8 May 2014

Another exhibition is now lined up for the USA & Canada tour: Laguna Beach!

Dates:LGOCA Home page
1st - 8th May, 2014
Opening night:
Thursday 1st May, 6-9pm

(Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art)
611 S Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach CA 92651

When I first arrived in L.A. I stayed with friends in Irvine and drove down to Laguna Beach to relax and get over my jetlag. After rolling my pants up and strolling down the beach, I happened past the Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art (LGOCA) and walked inside to have a look.

I was warmly greeted by Chritiana, herself an artist, and when I mentioned the exhibitions I was doing she told me that she herself had made vagina art! So I invited her to show her work at the 101 Vagina exhibition. She loved 101 Vagina and twisted the gallery owners arm into hosting 101 Vagina themselves at LGOCA.

Because the exhibition in Chicago had been cancelled I had the first week in May free. Turns out that suited LGOCA perfectly to coincide with Art Walk also.

On top of all this I was delighted to find out that LGOCA have a strong focus on humanitarian aid, supporting good causes. So 101 Vagina is a perfect fit, given that $5 from the sale of every book goes to charities helping victims and survivors of violence and sexual abuse.

101 Vagina Guest Book: Sydney, June 2013

Here are the lovely messages from the guest book we had at the 101 Vagina Exhibition and Festival of the Vagina at 107 Projects gallery space in Sydney in June.

Enjoy :)

“This is very moving” Lucy

“What a beautiful exhibition <3  Thank you! I love 107 Projects”

“Good on you for challenging society and their norms. Mind-opening exhibition, friendly!” Jana x 19yrs

“I love vaginas! Just call me the Pussy Monster!! :)”

“A vag equals 1000 words”

“An exhibition like this gives me such a large sense of positivity for me and my yoni’s future! Thank you  xxxxx”

“I think is awesome!!! No such thing a weird vagina but as diverse!! Vaginas!! :)”

“That was just amazing. Thanks.” E

“About time to demystify the vagina. Thanks.” Michael

“So exciting to see such a big turnout! And so many beautiful cints!”


“I love my furry biscuit”

“Very enlightening!”

“Go vaginas!”

“Love vagina thoughts. Love woman.”

“Sometimes we aren’t gifted with what we want or need or so we change our bodies to suit their needs and wants. I’m going to enjoy what will be recrafted”

“I’m making a gina.” 3yr A.

“Dear Vagina Curators, I found this exhibition overall a bit saddening… Firstly, I saw no vaginas that were of a sort I had not seen before. Yet I know the purpose of this exhibit is to expose something most people never think about. The saddest part is that many of the women in the exhibit, and the women whose vaginas I have worshipped, are very insecure. Maybe if more people look at and embrace vaginas, this whole sorry situation would never happen? That’s why this exhibit is ultimately uplifting!!!” J

“Make every day Vagina Day! <3”

“Redfern 4 vaginas!”


“I never thought much about my vagina, so I’ll have to do some more thinking. It’s lovely to see that there are so many women who have such loving and positive feelings about their vaginas. Thank you!”

“Celebrate! Joy! Beauty! The only shame here is on those closeminded people who complained to the police, for surely they have the most to learn from this glorious and honest display of Nature, the mother of us all?”

“Glad this exhibition took place. Since the vagina monologues not much done to erase taboos and talk/celebrate femininity. Thank you!”

“Punani, yay! Thank you for helping women reclaim their bodies and sexuality! Most of all, to be proud of our genitals and not worry about the shame that society has placed on their exposure! Worship the vagina!” Chloe

“Thank you for your exhibition. It’s sad in some ways it’s taken a man to make me feel this empowered by my vagina. But that’s ok. I love my vagina. xx”

“Wow, Liberating! They are all so beautiful. Let’s celebrate the vajayjay!” LJ xx

“Very good! Thanks for the pics and the writings.” Sofia

“”Vaginas of the world, Release yourselves!!” <3 cunt lover