101 Vagina at Folk Rhythm and Life

Over the weekend (7-10 December 2012) the draft copy of 101 Vagina had a gentle outing at the Folk Rhythm and Life festival in North Eastern Victoria.

I placed a draft copy of the book and a note pad at the Holy Cow chai tent, along with a poster inviting people to engage with the project by writing their own message if they feel to do so.

It was a bit scary putting the book out in public for the first time like this, but it turned out to be very heart warming to watch people engage with the book, often a couple or a few friends sitting together leafing through the pages and either reading silently or discussing the many and varied related issues.

Also very touching to see the book touch some people quite strongly, the book seems to carry a gentle power.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos at the festival but here is what was there and below are the messages people wrote in the note pad.


“What does my vagina have to say to the world? Hello child. You’re the best part of me. For Ben from Cass xx”

“Dear World,

Finally someone wants to hear what I think! here goes….

This morning i was so Agitated! My Owner had me suffocated & trapped in a lace heat chamber!! After subjecting me to a Number of workshops & painting i was finally treated to An exciting excursion to the cool Refreshing Dam. YAY for me!

:) Lots of Love

V. Giri”

“Feed Me!”

“From my penis to it’s darling vagina.

Many places I have been, much warmth has this universe saturated me in, always hoping this will be my home. You hug me intensely, squeeze and squeeze and then relax. You want me to stay and there could be nothing I want more. Being close with you is the purpose of my whole day, I wish nothing but to share in your joy, give, and take from all our inglorious untold astral travels together. You are the gate and keeper to the only place that makes sense. You need nothing to understand me, your acceptance of me makes up for every wrong in the world, nothing else matters when you call for me. You have my every attention, I listen to you with my eyes, ears, my nose, and every inch of my intention, everything I am, is for you. My temple, I bow to you. You humble me and I thrive for/because of you.”

“Giver of human life

Wow so many things to say!!

All vaginas are beautiful in all their shapes & sizes. Everyone I have seen perfect in it’s own right.

Mine, wow, the joy & pleasure it brings! The fun, the liquid meltingness of interaction with myself or another.

I couldn’t live without my pussy :)

The delicate intricate nature of female orgasms, a special secret formula of each individual woman.

Vagina I couldn’t ask for more thank you!!

You’re the best.”

“Special life force!

Treasured, Loved & adored

respect!! :)”