Here are some videos to watch explaining what 101 Vagina is about.

The first two are also on the home page.

101 Vagina promo.

This is the main 101 Vagina promo video. I interviewed several participants from the 101 Vagina project and speak myself about what the project is about and why I made it.


Interviews of visitors to 101 Vagina Book Exhibition.

The 101 Vagina Book Exhibition from Sept 25 to Oct 6 2013 at the Colour Factory gallery was part of the Melbourne Fringe arts festival. I interviewed many visitors to the exhibition, capturing their reactions to the work and views around the issues raised.


The Comic Box on community TV Channel 31.

The Comic Box show normally focuses on performance, comedy and drama, but during the Melbourne Fringe arts festival, they interview various producers of shows that are part of the festival. I was invited in for a live interview the their ebullient host.


Donating to The Art 2 Healing Project

One of the aims of 101 Vagina had always been to be able to give money to charities working to help survivors of violence and abuse. Turns out I entirely underestimated how much it takes to self-publish, but nevertheless, I pulled together a few hundred dollars to give to Arita’s amazing work. (See her TEDx talk here:


Sydney 101 Vagina Book Exhibition and Festival of the Vagina

Footage from the first exhibition in Sydney in June 2013. This also included a one day Festival of the Vagina with various activities, performers and other people’s art.


101 Vagina book binding.

The books are locally printed and bound in Melbourne. I was delighted to get to watch the process from the first offset printing process to the final book binding. There is so much lamentation about manufacturing going overseas, so it was great to support local industry. I could have saved thousands had I chosen to print in Asia.


101 Vagina - Australian Book Launch and Exhibition.

22 March 2013 was the Australian Book Launch and first exhibition of the 101 Vagina project. It was combined with a one day Festival of the Vagina. Unfortunately most footage from the day was lost. This was taken at the end just before pack-down.


Vaginas blowing in the wind.

At the Sydney 101 Vagina exhibition in June 2013.

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