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Press Kit - PDF Download: 101 Vagina Book Launch and Exhibition Tour of USA & Canada 2014

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Past Media Coverage

101 Vagina has appeared in many of Australia’s most respected media outlets as well as many small blogs. Below is a small selection.

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“Most people have trouble even saying the V-word but a new book is celebrating vaginas of all shapes and sizes.”  The Sydney Morning Herald

“Through 101 Vagina, Werner invites viewers to discuss the vagina more comfortably. Werner hopes this will encourage women to feel more comfortable with their bodies, doing away with the need to alter appearances through cosmetic labiaplasty, a procedure on the rise in Australia.“  Broadsheet Melbourne

“Hide the vagina: Police called to shield public from images”  MX Newspaper (Front page)

“He was the local resident who organised the peace march to commemorate the life of murdered Melbourne woman Jill Meagher and he marched with a banner that said ”Choosing peace, hope, non-violence and solidarity with all women”. I loved that. I loved that this young bloke could do something so sweet and serious and important. Which is why I haven’t run away screaming from his project 101 Vagina.” The Canberra Times

“Such was the enthusiasm for 101 Vagina that Werner crowd-sourced funding from Pozible” The Age

“A photographic exhibition of women’s vulvae at the Sydney Fringe’s Fringe Arts Forum was last week forced to censor its work over concerns it could offend the public. The 101 Vagina Book Exhibition … was told to cover parts of its images ”  City News

“It’s a book full of close-ups of female genitalia created by a man but it’s not what you might initially think. With ‘designer vaginas’ all the rage, Philip Werner is trying to celebrate the everyday variety.” Ciao Newspaper

“Sydney Fringe Festival exhibition censored.” City Hub (Front page)

“Photographer Philip Werner refuses to conform to the pervasive societal and cultural cringe-factor.“ Trouble Mag

“Entering a gallery containing 101 gorgeous black-and-white images of women’s vaginas isn’t your usual art experience. Initially, the exhibition was awfully confronting and somewhat uncomfortable … [The] supplementary stories challenged the ideas we have about the supposed ‘normality’ of vaginas and instead revealed our individuality and diversity.” Upstart

“The taboos around our bodies, and around the vagina, in particular, allow shame to flourish. Could embracing the vagina eradicate sexual violence?” The Good Men Project

 Radio & TV interviews:

ABC Radio National (Nationwide)

2SER 107.3FM (Sydney community radio)

JoyFM 94.5FM (Melbourne Gay & Lesbian)

Alive 90.5FM (Sydney Independent)

Channel 31 (National Community TV)


Reader and audience Feedback

“Fantastic! Should be part of sex ed for all young people!”

“Thanks. I learned something at 52. How much I still don’t know about myself…”

“Very Liberating. As a child you are taught to fear it, if you like/touch it, you are a whore. It is NOT TRUE! Definitely got me thinking.” Gracie

“I was thrilled to bring my 3yr old daughter along, and set her on the path for having pride of her vagina, her self, her future pleasure, her body & it’s life giving abilites, & to make sure she’s empowered!”

“Good on you for challenging society and their norms. Mind-opening exhibition, friendly!” Jana x 19yrs

“Wandering the city after the event with that beautiful white book cradled in my arms, I was looking at people around me, wondering if they knew the significance of this book, wanting to show people I walked past and say look at this ! Isn’t it awesome?” Bek

“Thanks Philip for asking me to help organise vagina crafternoon, I think I have found a new love in making vagina tiaras!” Marcelle

“Raw, honest & empowering. Gonna go home & have a look in the mirror again me thinks!” Bec

“It was amazing to be involved! Bring on 101 Penis, I’ve found volunteers already : )” Matt



“Vagina Projects We Like” Listed on Naomi Wolf’s website for
Vagina: A New Biography

“If you are walking around on planet Earth it is because of the Vagina.”
Toni Childs

“#kickforward 101 Vagina’s raising money to create a book to break down female body image taboos & shame.”
Amanda Palmer

“I am a sex therapist and have written articles about vaginas and vulvas, as I realise how many women have an issue with the look of them. Having your book, I can show them the variety of shapes and sizes, the book will be very educational. Good luck with the book!”
Matty Silver

“Hi Philip, … As a licensed psychotherapist I see the impact of body issues on women every day. I hope the project gets fully funded. Best of luck to you! Warmly, Jennifer”

“Everybody needs to see more vagina while they sip their coffee!”
Angela White

“We are massive supporters of the @101vagina taboo smashing project. Help get their book printed!”
The Cookie Book“

“Your book will be a great resource to show patients in clinic. Look forward to it.”
Fiona Rogers



See a range of videos about the 101 Vagina project here.

Below are the two most relevant.


101 Vagina promo.

This is the main 101 Vagina promo video. I interviewed several participants from the 101 Vagina project and speak myself about what the project is about and why I made it.


Interviews of visitors to 101 Vagina Book Exhibition.

The 101 Vagina Book Exhibition from Sept 25 to Oct 6 2013 at the Colour Factory gallery was part of the Melbourne Fringe arts festival. I interviewed many visitors to the exhibition, capturing their reactions to the work and views around the issues raised.


Dr Berta Davis: Sex Therapist and Clinical Psychologist

Dr Berta Davis speaks about the 101 Vagina book from her perspective of having been a Sex Therapist for 30 years and clinical psychologist for 35 years.

“I think the book is doing something that no other piece of literature has done … to have been able to capture the aesthetics of femininity as well as the personal narrative.”