I was first inspired by reading The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler while travelling in the USA in 2007. I continue to be inspired by it and the organisation Eve has created, V-day, to end violence against women.

The idea of doing a coffee table book arose after returning to Australia and I had started doing some nude photography (see Philip Werner Foto). I knew of no other such book and found none when searching online.

Since then I have come across other similar or related projects by other artists which continue to inspire this project, such as:

“Cunts”: Greg Taylor makes sculptures (not casts) of vaginas.

“The Great Wall of Vagina”: Jamie McCartney takes casts of vaginas.

“Heart of the flower”:  Andrew Banes and Yvonne Lumsden created a book of vaginas with photos and educational material.

Above all I am inspired by vaginas and their owners! The response so far has been nothing but positive :)



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