The contents of the 101 Vagina book has been exhibited eleven times in Australia, the USA and Canada.

Exhibitions are a great way for people to engage with this project, including people who can’t afford the book itself. Many people spend hours slowly working their way through the exhibition, reading every single story.


Past Exhibitions

#1. March 2013 : Melbourne, Australia

@ Thousand Pound Bend, Melbourne.

Official book launch. Exhibition including the Festival of the Vagina

#2. June 2013 : Sydney, Australia

@ 107 Projects, Redfern.

Included a one day Festival of the Vagina

#3. Sept. 2013 : Sydney Fringe Festival Exhibition

@ Tap Gallery, Darlinghurst.

#4. Sept. 2013 : Sydney Australia

@ Italian Forum, Leichardt.

Seven images & text as part of a group exhibition Fringe Arts Forum.
This exhibition was required to be censored.

#5. Sept/Oct 2013 : Melbourne Fringe Festival Exhibition

@ Colour Factory, Firtzroy.

#6. April 2014 : Los Angeles, USA

@ Think Tank Gallery, Downtown.

#7. April 2014 : San Francisco, USA

@ Goforaloop Gallery, Mission.

#8. May 2014 : Laguna Beach, USA

@ Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art, Laguna Beach.

#9. May 2014 : Montreal, Canada

@ Le repaire des 100 talents, Rosemont.

#10. June 2014 : New York, USA

@ NOOSphere Gallery, Lower East Side Manhattan.

#11. June 2014 : Toronto, Canada

@ Blueprint Gallery, Toronto.


Future Exhibitions

I’d love to do more exhibitions!

If you would like to see 101 Vagina exhibited in your town and are able to help with the process please get in touch.



- For more detailed posts on the various exhibitions and events see here.

- Exhibitions 6 through 11 were part of the USA and Canada tour in 2014. See details here.

- See feedback from the exhibitions here.

- At every exhibition various people will tell me how great it would be for school groups to visit the exhibition. If you’re an educator and are interested in making something along these lines happen please get in touch.


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