Crowd-funding campaign

I need your help to get this book printed!

Publishing companies are afraid of vaginas, so I have to self publish.
You can help raise the funds for the first print run by pledging to the 101 Vagina Pozible campaign.
And it is not a donation, you will actually receive the book as a reward.

Step 1: Click on the Pozible link.

Step 2: Pledge your support!

Step 3: Tell all your friends about it.


This Pozible project aims to raise the funds required to do a large print run of at least 500 books. The more people pledge, the more I’ll get printed, there is no limit!

This is necessary to get the cost of each book down sufficiently to be able to sell it for $50 online and still be able to donate $5 from the sale of each book to charity.

$5 from the sale of every book will go to a women’s charity, starting with the V-Day Foundation, run by Eve Ensler, who wrote The Vagina Monologues. If you can think of other charities who might be interested in receiving proceeds from the sale of this book please let me know.

The retail price will be $70, so you’re also saving money because a pledge is only $50 (plus postage if required). Even if they campaign has already reached it’s target you can still pledge and get the better price. Get 10! :)

The book will be big and beautiful! It will be hardcover, and at 30x30cm (12″) and over 200 pages it will be impossible to ignore. That’s a big photo book the likes of which would normally cost $100 in book stores.

I had approached many publishers but not found any takers. I looked into print on demand (like Lulu) for self publishing, but each book would then have cost $150-$200, making it prohibitively expensive. So the only other option is a large print run, but that requires upfront cash.

The great thing about using Pozible is that it works both ways, you win and the project wins. The project wins because your pledge enables me to do the first print run, and you win because you will actually get the book. However, the money will only be withdrawn from your account if and when the funding campaign is successful. So, if I don’t get sufficient pledges for a print run I won’t get your money.


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