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If/when the crowdfunding for the book’s publication succeeds and this book goes to print, $5 (AUD) from the sale of every book will go to charities who are working to end or heal violence against women and children.

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NOTE: This project is itself currently seeking funding to get the first batch of books printed. We are doing this through crowd-funding, whereby many people can contribute a little bit to reach the target. The crowdfunding campaign will require a lot of publicity to succeed. If you can help with this in any way please get in touch. Please see the crowdfunding campaign page here:

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Recent endorsements

Toni Childs

"Hi Philip, ... As a licensed psychotherapist I see the impact of body issues on women every day. I hope the project gets fully funded. Best of luck to you! Warmly, Jennifer"

"#kickforward 101 Vagina's raising money to create a book to break down female body image taboos & shame."
Amanda Palmer

"Hey there, I’ve seen your posters alllll over Brunswick St, and I have to say! After 25 years of not accepting my ‘female bits’, I’ve finally said enough is enough! I want to love my whole self, including the bits seen as ‘dirty’ amongst society and throughout the years & faiths. Women are beautiful, loving, intuitive creatures, and we need to start believing in that- and LIVING that! For ourselves, and for the sake of future generations. ... "

"We are massive supporters of the @101vagina taboo smashing project. Help get their book printed!"
The Cookie Book

"Hi Philip, Wow, I saw the Vagina Monologues in London back in 2005, so I can understand why the show inspired you. Fantastic! The ’101 Vagina’ project got me thinking – what a good relationship I have with mine ... I think the more art & film projects that show ‘real’ women’s bodies, and just how wonderfully different we are, the more educated and empowered women become – ie. confident girlfriends/wives, and strong mothers – and it makes the world a more supportive, concsious, loving place to be."

"Your book will be a great resource to show patients in clinic. Look forward to it."
Fiona Rogers