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101 Vagina in the media

101 Vagina in The Australian & MX interview

101 Vagina made it into The Australian today, a glorious 19 whole words worth!

And I was interviewed by MX Brisbane, who will pass the story to Sydney and Melbourne MX also, for a possible article in the next few days. The woman I spoke to there said that MX have a bit more freedom to cover quirky stories than the main stream news papers, so it seems this is right up their ally :)

The Australian mention reads:


PRESS release heading of the day: “101 Vagina - Taboo smashing coffee table book - Seeking participants.” Don’t panic, It’s art.”

Here is a scan below, ignore the other articles.


Interview on Joy FM 94.9


Here is the podcast of the interview on Joy FM 94.9 Les Link show on the 16th February 2012 !

I had never been interviewed on radio before so it was pretty exciting and interesting to see how it all works behind the scenes and great to meet the team.

They themselves don’t actually know how many people listen to the show, but they often get messages from people listening  in Europe! :)

All pod-casts of the show can be found here:

Now I need to keep working on a media release to see if I can score some more interviews :)

101 Vagina on Joy FM “Les Link” show


The 101 Vagina project is getting into the media !

Tiarne on the Joy FM show “Les Link” came across the project through a friend of hers liking the 101 Vagina Facebook page.

Had to chuckle when one of them said she opened this website at work and freaked out because of the vaginas on the home page slide show ;) and Tiarne ended up committing herself to participate !

I have inserted the part where they talk about the project into the media player here on this page.

And here are past podcasts from the show. Go to the show on the 26/1/2012 to about 25min 35sec to hear them talk about the project.

I was completely unaware of this until I got an email from Tijarne asking to come participate and inviting me in to the show for an interview to talk about the 101 Vagina project!

So, tune in for the interview on Joy FM 94.9 in Melbourne at 11pm on the 16th February, 2012 !!!
(or online at JoyFM - Les Link)