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Letters of support sent in from friends and randoms.

I was thrilled to bring my 3yr old daughter along

“This exhibition is so important to challenge the shame, doubt & insecurity for women in a misogynist culture where the very place of pleasure & bearing of life is treated as the most degrading thing of all!

I was thrilled to bring my 3yr old daughter along, and set her on the path for having pride of her vagina, her self, her future pleasure, her body & it’s life giving abilites, & to make sure she’s empowered!

Just beautiful!

Her joy at seeing all the vaginas was the best example to me to be empowered also, and to step away from that shame & embrace that inner feminine in me!

Thanks for doing this & showing the world our vaginas are to be celebrated! xx”


Story submitted at the Sydney 101 Vagina exhibition 27-30 June 2013.

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101 Vagina Guest Book: Sydney, June 2013

Here are the lovely messages from the guest book we had at the 101 Vagina Exhibition and Festival of the Vagina at 107 Projects gallery space in Sydney in June.

Enjoy :)

“This is very moving” Lucy

“What a beautiful exhibition <3  Thank you! I love 107 Projects”

“Good on you for challenging society and their norms. Mind-opening exhibition, friendly!” Jana x 19yrs

“I love vaginas! Just call me the Pussy Monster!! :)”

“A vag equals 1000 words”

“An exhibition like this gives me such a large sense of positivity for me and my yoni’s future! Thank you  xxxxx”

“I think is awesome!!! No such thing a weird vagina but as diverse!! Vaginas!! :)”

“That was just amazing. Thanks.” E

“About time to demystify the vagina. Thanks.” Michael

“So exciting to see such a big turnout! And so many beautiful cints!”


“I love my furry biscuit”

“Very enlightening!”

“Go vaginas!”

“Love vagina thoughts. Love woman.”

“Sometimes we aren’t gifted with what we want or need or so we change our bodies to suit their needs and wants. I’m going to enjoy what will be recrafted”

“I’m making a gina.” 3yr A.

“Dear Vagina Curators, I found this exhibition overall a bit saddening… Firstly, I saw no vaginas that were of a sort I had not seen before. Yet I know the purpose of this exhibit is to expose something most people never think about. The saddest part is that many of the women in the exhibit, and the women whose vaginas I have worshipped, are very insecure. Maybe if more people look at and embrace vaginas, this whole sorry situation would never happen? That’s why this exhibit is ultimately uplifting!!!” J

“Make every day Vagina Day! <3”

“Redfern 4 vaginas!”


“I never thought much about my vagina, so I’ll have to do some more thinking. It’s lovely to see that there are so many women who have such loving and positive feelings about their vaginas. Thank you!”

“Celebrate! Joy! Beauty! The only shame here is on those closeminded people who complained to the police, for surely they have the most to learn from this glorious and honest display of Nature, the mother of us all?”

“Glad this exhibition took place. Since the vagina monologues not much done to erase taboos and talk/celebrate femininity. Thank you!”

“Punani, yay! Thank you for helping women reclaim their bodies and sexuality! Most of all, to be proud of our genitals and not worry about the shame that society has placed on their exposure! Worship the vagina!” Chloe

“Thank you for your exhibition. It’s sad in some ways it’s taken a man to make me feel this empowered by my vagina. But that’s ok. I love my vagina. xx”

“Wow, Liberating! They are all so beautiful. Let’s celebrate the vajayjay!” LJ xx

“Very good! Thanks for the pics and the writings.” Sofia

“”Vaginas of the world, Release yourselves!!” <3 cunt lover

Feedback from the 101 Vagina Book Launch & Exhibition

Here is some feedback from the 101 Vagina Book Launch and Exhibition held on Friday 22 March, 2013, at 1000 Pound Bend in Melbourne.


“Great event. Lovely, beautiful, funny, inspiring. Thank you especially to all the wonderful women who shared their stories.” - Lisa Farrance

“Such an incredible event! all the different things going on, seeing people absorbing the images and messages, watching books going off to their new coffee table homes… such an important and beautiful celebration of vaginas, sexuality, life and people doing great things! congratulations on your creative birth Philip! :)” – Jane Honeyrider

“Ever had a dream to do something that others might think is odd? Last night hundreds of people came down to the book launch of 101-vagina, inspiring hundreds of women to just LOVE and accept themselves… all because of a simple artistic dream and whim of an inspired photographer who instead of being told that because of gender or social judgement he shouldn’t do this… he stepped up and did it anyway and proved in the turn out how MUCH the world needs this right now. If you have a dream, a crazy urge…and artistic whim and it speaks to you… dont put it on the side just because it might be a bit of work… the world NEEDS your inspiration… people EXPAND because YOU create and shine… so who ever you are… i plee… pick up your project and make it your passion… even for just a little while.. see how much that reverberates around you. x (thank you Philip Werner for your inspiration, drive and commitment to your heart and passion…)” - Fleassy Malay

“Amazing. Even finding the place, negotiating the alley ways, sensing and feeling the rounded cobble stones only to be greeted at a smiling doorway that opened to an incredible chamber of intimate intrigue and explosive energy. The vibe was warm and supportive. What a great place to be. Beautiful stories.” – Jacqui Dreessens

“Wonderful event, wonderful vibes, wonderful people, thankyou Philip and everyone else involved. wandering the city after the event with that beautiful white book cradled in my arms, i was looking at people around me, wondering if they knew the significance/meaning of this book, wanting to show people i walked past and say look at this ! isnt it awesome?” – Bek Kelly

“It was amazing to be involved! Bring on 101 Penis, I’ve found volunteers already : )” – Matt Glass

“What a great night!! very exciting to see so many people turn up and show such interest and support in something so important. thanks philip for asking me to help organise crafternoon, i think i have found a new love in making vagina tiaras! oh, and for creating the space for me to do something truly terrifying, but liberating. heres to taking risks and living at our edge!!” – Marcelle Cowen

Jennifer Burton - Psychotherapist

Hi Philip,

I live in southern California and heard about Vagina 101 from a Facebook post on the Good Vibrations page. They are a wonderful sex positive organization/sex shop(s) based in the bay area in northern California. I did share the post on my Facebook page as well and I will also pass on the link to a sex positive therapist colleague of mine in the hopes that she will spread the word around the community here.

As a licensed psychotherapist I see the impact of body issues on women every day.

I hope the project gets fully funded. Best of luck to you!



(Email published with sender’s permission)

I am loving it!

Hey there,

I’ve seen your posters alllll over Brunswick St, and I have to say!

After 25 years of not accepting my ‘female bits’, I’ve finally said enough is enough! I want to love my whole self, including the bits seen as ‘dirty’ amongst society and throughout the years & faiths. Women are beautiful, loving, intuitive creatures, and we need to start believing in that- and LIVING that! For ourselves, and for the sake of future generations.

I’d be more than happy to pop some posters around if you need help with that?

Ooh and also, something else that has helped me get so in touch with myself is the Mooncup… I can’t even begin to describe what a difference it has made to my life! They’re someone you could send a message to, or post your link on their Facebook wall…? Just a thought!


(Email published with senders permission)

Blog plug:

Here is a blog post by Lauren, a participant, plugging the project :)

“I’ve been lucky enough to take part in a wonderfully empowering and moving photography project by Philip Werner, the 101 Vagina Project.

His aim is to create a coffee table book of photographs of women, front on, showing the hips and mons pubis, accompanied by writings from women about their vaginas and their story with their body. Philip has currently taken 63 photos with an aim to take 101, as suggested by the title. Funds raised from the book will go towards the V-day fund, established by Eve Ensler, to end violence against women.

Even from the few pictures currently on the front page of the website (one of which is mine!) it is clear how much beauty there is in the diversity of women’s shapes, sizes and colours, and the end product will be a truly stunning celebration of the many shades of women’s experience of their bodies and sexuality.

It’s a beautiful idea and one that Philip obviously truly believes in, and that genuine drive to empower women to tell their bodies’ stories comes through in the work.

Women in and around Melbourne, I really can’t encourage you enough to like the page on Facebook and join the event page, and to get in touch with Philip to take part in this project. Please don’t think this is a project only for the stick thin, either; I did my part to represent curvier women. (Not a euphemism, I’m quite hour-glassy!) I know Philip has tried hard to include a really broad range of women’s shapes, sizes, and colours, and that diversity will make the end product all the more exciting.

If you’re not local to Melbourne, I encourage you to have a look at the site, consider writing a piece for the blog, and to keep your eyes peeled for a future launch of the coffee table book.”

“Aware & Proud”

Hey Philip,

Great idea! :)

I would love to be involved, both by being photographed & by writing a short piece or paragraph.

It took me many years to feel comfortable with my vagina - to even look at it, properly, in a mirror. I used to think it was vulgar & something taboo, to be hidden & ashamed of. Much of that was to do with my early childhood sexual experiences - against my will.

I now think it is beautiful - a work of art :) MUCH healing has taken place for me over the years. I am 37 this year. It has only been approx 5yrs since I became more aware & proud of & in touch with my sexuality, and sexual organs.

What an amazing & empowering experience!

I highly commend you, for this magnificent idea! Women all over, even without any experience of sexual misconduct, are often shameful & afraid of their luscious womanly ‘parts’.

Such a book will bring awareness, self confidence - and probably a giggle :) to women - and men alike.

I am in!! :D

Shreya Xx

(Email published with sender’s permission)