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Dr Berta Davis on the 101 Vagina book

I was honoured by Dr Berta Davis’ attendance at the L.A. launch of the 101 Vagina book on 5th April 2014. A couple of days later I caught up with her for an interview.

Dr Davis speaks about the 101 Vagina book from her perspective of having been a Sex Therapist for 30 years, clinical psychologist for 35 years, and currently running the couple and sex therapy training program at UCLA.

“I think the book is doing something that no other piece of literature has done … to have been able to capture the aesthetics of femininity as well as the personal narrative.”

Berta has a charming, positive, kind and humble presence and it was a great pleasure and honour to meet with her and receive such a strong endorsement of the 101 Vagina book.

Often in today’s culture we seem to value pop psychology, bombastic claims and numbers of followers over simple, humble experience gained over many years of dedicated work. Dr Davis stands as a great testament to the value of the latter!

See Dr Davis’ website here:



Recorded 7th April 2014 at Dr Davis’ office in Encino, CA.

Dr Hernando Chaves on the 101 Vagina book

Dr Hernando Chaves is an MFT therapist and Professor of Human Sexuality. He writes and lectures extensively on the subject.

I approached Hernando over a year ago when the project was in it’s infancy and we’ve been communicating about it since them.

It was great to finally meet at the exhibition and book launch in Los Angeles and to catch up for an interview. Hernando is positive and energetic and passionately engaged in the issues around sex education.

“It’s really important for men to get to know what women are thinking and experiencing.”

See Dr Chaves’ website here:

Recorded on 7th April 2014.

Real, raw and capturing the truth.

“Hi Philip,

I came to your exhibition yesterday at Think Tank and just wanted to say that I found your exhibition so beautiful, empowering, enlightening and f-king awesome!! Its such a celebration of diversity and a huge dose of positivity towards the ultimate power of femininity - which of course is so suppressed and covered in disgust in all societies.

The diversity and ownership seen in the photographs and stories is a fresh and powerful experience. No more sweeping vaginas under the rug and breeding insecurities and shame.

One image that stood out the most for me was the one with a woman on her period with a tampon string. I have never seen this - periods are associated with blue liquid anywhere else (!!!). To see this normal cycle in action was so good to see. Its natural, we go through this one week out of four. Real, raw and capturing the truth.

Thank you, I am so glad to have experienced this and do plan to buy the book when more settled here in LA.
Have a fantastic rest of your tour!!
Christina Xx”

LA 101 Vagina opening night interviews

Interviews with three of the attendees at the 101 Vagina Exhibition and Book Launch at Think Tank Gallery in Los Angeles.

Always so great to see when 101 Vagina hits the spot for people :)


Ebri: “It was overwhelming in the best way possible.”

Rachael: “I felt like it was really well handled, and really caring.”

George: “It kinda made me wish I had a vagina.”

Sabrina: “I had considered labiaplasty”

Masha: “At first I felt a little overwhelmed.”


Interviews at 101 Vagina Book Exhibition

I finally got around to editing interviews of visitors to the 101 Vagina Book Exhibition in Melbourne.

Various people’s responses to the book and exhibition express a range of emotions that often took the viewers by surprise.

This exhibition was part of the 2013 Melbourne Fringe arts festival in September/October 2013.

Posts about the exhibition itself are here and feedback from the exhibition here:


Melbourne Fringe 2013 exhibition feedback

Here is some initial feedback from the guestbook at the 101 Vagina Book Exhibition as part of the Melbourne Fringe festival.

Should be part of sex ed for all young people!

Should be part of sex ed for all young people!

Amazing to see real women!

Amazing to see real women!

Open, honest, sensitive & raw.

Open, honest, sensitive & raw.

Very liberating.

Very liberating.

A look in the mirror

A look in the mirror

Love yourself

Love yourself

Permanent exhibition.

Permanent exhibition.

I learnt something at 52.

I learnt something at 52.


So many variations.

Indeed uplifting.

Indeed uplifting.

Draw your vagina!

Draw your vagina!

Messages from 2013 Sydney Fringe exhibition

The below messages were written at the 101 Vagina Book Exhibition opening night. The exhibition is part of the Sydney Fringe fest 2013.

“I used to be told by society that men fuck women’s bodies.
Now I am wiser and know my cunt is the one fucking them and enveloping their entire cock.
Get fucked :)
Deal with it.
Raw Power.”

“My vagina , the source of my two greatest joys, my two daughters who entered the world through my opening.
Thank you, my vagina, for assisting in my greatest joy x2.”

“I love and hate you.
My medication numbs you and drys you.
And I wonder if anyone will Love you and I for our faults.
I am not a woman, nor a man.
I am just a person, blessed with a slit in my legs and a chemichal imbalance in my brain.
One day
    I hope we’ll both be okay.”

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