101 Vagina - Book Launch and Exhibition

Friday 22 March 2013 (Yes, past tense.)

1000 Pound Bend : 361 Lt Lonsdale St Melbourne

Exhibition: 10am – 10pm
Official Book Launch: 7pm
Launch Events: 4pm – 10pm

The exhibition will comprise all 101 photos and stories from the 101 Vagina coffee-table book.

Launch Event {()} Festival of the Vagina:
: Spoken word : Dance : Art Installations : Live Music : Video: Education : Burlesque : Vulva Cushion
Comedy : Sex Geeks : Roller Derby : Politicians : Muff Muffins : Chai :

Official Endorsements:
: Women’s Health Victoria : Australian Sex Party :

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Join & share: https://www.facebook.com/events/212784325529906/

Book Publishing & Printing:
Published by Taboo Books, Melbourne.
Proudly printed locally in Melbourne on 40% recycled content FSC paper with soy based inks.


Launch event photos:



Feedback from the event:

“Great event. Lovely, beautiful, funny, inspiring. Thank you especially to all the wonderful women who shared their stories.” - Lisa Farrance

“Such an incredible event! all the different things going on, seeing people absorbing the images and messages, watching books going off to their new coffee table homes… such an important and beautiful celebration of vaginas, sexuality, life and people doing great things! congratulations on your creative birth Philip! :)” - Jane Honeyrider

“Ever had a dream to do something that others might think is odd? Last night hundreds of people came down to the book launch of 101-vagina, inspiring hundreds of women to just LOVE and accept themselves… all because of a simple artistic dream and whim of an inspired photographer who instead of being told that because of gender or social judgement he shouldn’t do this… he stepped up and did it anyway and proved in the turn out how MUCH the world needs this right now. If you have a dream, a crazy urge…and artistic whim and it speaks to you… dont put it on the side just because it might be a bit of work… the world NEEDS your inspiration… people EXPAND because YOU create and shine… so who ever you are… i plee… pick up your project and make it your passion… even for just a little while.. see how much that reverberates around you. x (thank you Philip Werner for your inspiration, drive and commitment to your heart and passion…)” - Fleassy Malay

“Amazing. Even finding the place, negotiating the alley ways, sensing and feeling the rounded cobble stones only to be greeted at a smiling doorway that opened to an incredible chamber of intimate intrigue and explosive energy. The vibe was warm and supportive. What a great place to be. Beautiful stories.” - Jacqui Dreessens

“Wonderful event, wonderful vibes, wonderful people, thankyou Philip and everyone else involved. wandering the city after the event with that beautiful white book cradled in my arms, i was looking at people around me, wondering if they knew the significance/meaning of this book, wanting to show people i walked past and say look at this ! isnt it awesome?” - Bek Kelly

“It was amazing to be involved! Bring on 101 Penis, I’ve found volunteers already : )” - Matt Glass

“What a great night!! very exciting to see so many people turn up and show such interest and support in something so important. thanks philip for asking me to help organise crafternoon, i think i have found a new love in making vagina tiaras! oh, and for creating the space for me to do something truly terrifying, but liberating. heres to taking risks and living at our edge!!” - Marcelle Cowen

Photos by others:

If you have photos you’d like to share please email to vagina@101vagina.com

Event poster:

A0 Launch Poster v3 Colour

Art should…

The below is also often attributed to Banksy.
I would probably say “can” rather than “should”, but you get the idea.
There are a lot of people who are disturbed by this project for various reasons.
I believe they have all become comfortable in their strongly held views and beliefs, and are no longer genuinely open minded.