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Hi Philip,

I live in southern California and heard about Vagina 101 from a Facebook post on the Good Vibrations page. They are a wonderful sex positive organization/sex shop(s) based in the bay area in northern California. I did share the post on my Facebook page as well and I will also pass on the link to a sex positive therapist colleague of mine in the hopes that she will spread the word around the community here.

As a licensed psychotherapist I see the impact of body issues on women every day.

I hope the project gets fully funded. Best of luck to you!



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Italian radio R101 discussion about 101 Vagina

Am super excited that 101 Vagina was discussed on popular Italian radio station R101 by host Marco Balestri on 24/10/12.

Here is the audio of the spot and below is what that did to the website traffic!

I have no clear idea how things are over there in regards to genital taboos and body image shame, but I hope that it got people thinking and talking a bit.

Would love some comments below about the nature of the vagina taboo in Italy, how the project was received by the audience and what kind of discussion ensued.

Analytics are so good!


I am loving it!

Hey there,

I’ve seen your posters alllll over Brunswick St, and I have to say!

After 25 years of not accepting my ‘female bits’, I’ve finally said enough is enough! I want to love my whole self, including the bits seen as ‘dirty’ amongst society and throughout the years & faiths. Women are beautiful, loving, intuitive creatures, and we need to start believing in that- and LIVING that! For ourselves, and for the sake of future generations.

I’d be more than happy to pop some posters around if you need help with that?

Ooh and also, something else that has helped me get so in touch with myself is the Mooncup… I can’t even begin to describe what a difference it has made to my life! They’re someone you could send a message to, or post your link on their Facebook wall…? Just a thought!


(Email published with senders permission)

Launch into the tweetosphere !

Omg omg omg, I’m allowed to be excited about this, right ?

Amanda Palmer tweeted this to her 700,000+ followers!

This might be normal or meh to some, but it’s the single biggest publicity hit so far!

I have also tweeted about the project to Johnny Depp (just started a publishing company), Oprah (saw her show YEARS ago where they were saying “vagina” out loud), Pink (bits), Lady Gaga (body image campaign) and Michale Moore (body politics). let’s see if they get behind the project… I think I’ll wet my pants if they do!


Other notable tweets so far:

Catherine Deveny (Comedian etc. Was in SBS ‘Go back to where you came from’)

Australian Federation of Medical Women (!!!)

Lisa Rogers (Made the labiaplasty documentary ‘The perfect vagina’)

101 Vagina posters up around town!

101 Vagina posters have spontaneously attached themselves to some power poles etc on Brunswick St in Fitzroy, a little on Smith St, High St Northcote, Punt Rd, Church St, and the list is growing.

If you post or see any posters or stickers around town, take a photo and email it to me :)

I’ve been playing with Poladroid, that’s why they all look like polaroids.


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