Project creator: Philip Werner

IMG_2992 800pxPhilip Werner is a photographer, web-designer, furniture maker, gardener, engineer, peace activist, hippy, and sensitive little boy hiding in a grownup’s body.

Born in Germany, he grew up next to fields and forests on the outskirts of Hamburg until his parents got tired of the cold war and brought the family to Australia for a warmer climate.

After graduating and working in Mechanical Engineering Philip became disillusioned with the workabee world. He sought refuge in various community projects and devoted himself to his artistic pursuit, photography.

He sees this project first and foremost as a social commentary on our societal taboos and expectations around body image, in particular for women. Philip has supported various women’s rights projects, including One Billion Rising, White Ribbon, Sisters for Sisters, and The Art 2 Healing Project. In September 2012 he organised the Peace March for Jill Meagher.

Through this project Philip has become aware, and an avid supporter, of the sex positive movement making waves around the world and sees a desperate need in our culture for equal rights and body positivity.