I have only just started compiling this so please feel free to send me anything you think might be of interest to add to this list.

More in the 101 Body series

101 Penis

101 Breasts

Sex positive movement

Sex Camp (Educational workshop festival)

Tantra Is Love (workshops)

Laci Green (blogger & vlogger)

Matty Silver (therapist, columnist)


The perfect vagina

Labiaplasty (ABC Australia)

Related news articles

Policing young women’s sexuality

Mich. lawmaker barred for “vagina” comment in abortion debate

The rise in women seeking a perfect vagina

Jezebel articles on vaginas

Vagina art

Cunts - Greg Taylor’s hand sculpted vaginas

Great Wall of Vagina

Vulva Love Lovely

JRow Art

Vagina books

The Vagina Monologues

Heart of the Flower

I’ll show you mine


Yoni Portraits

The Cookie Book





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The 101 Body Series

101 Penis

101 Breasts