The startling increase in women and teenage girls seeking labiaplasty (or even simply considering it) is one of the main reasons I believe projects like this one are helpful, and perhaps even necessary.

Below are four great documentaries about labiaplasty.

1. The first is a new local production (Melbourne) about labiaplasty. It explores why more and more women are seeking the procedure out and how the media, and censorship laws have an impact on this. It ends with a visit to the 101 Vagina exhibition, citing it as one antidote to poor body image around the vagina.

2. The second is another Australian production, which explores in detail the Australian laws that contribute to the misrepresentation of what a normal vagina looks like by banning normal protruding inner labia from be shown in unclassified soft-core porn.

3. The third is a British production, looking into the broader issues and following the story of some women who have chosen or are trying to decide whether to have the operation.

4. The fourth is of interviews with gynaecologist Sarah Creighton and Psychologist Lih Mei Liao exploring the technical surgical aspects as well as decision making issues like information availability.

1. The Vagina Diaries

Watch The Vagina Diaries online at ABC iview here. This is a great new local Melbourne production about the why’s and how’s of labiaplasty.

This is not available in an embedded viewer at this stage so you need to follow the above link.


2. Labiaplasty (ABC Hungrybeast)

3. The Perfect Vagina

4. Gynaecologist Sarah Creighton and Psychologist Lih Mei Liao

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