101 Vagina is about breaking down the taboo around vaginas and body image shame generally. It confronts the lies we are told about what’s normal and celebrates our uniqueness and diversity. 101 Vagina is also about the sharing of story, of experience; the passing down of knowledge and wisdom.

This book contains 101 beautiful black and white photos of 101 women, along with a message, story or poem written by each woman to accompany their photo. The messages are candid and span the spectrum of emotions. They are raw and honest and form a small compendium of women’s experiences with their bodies and womanhood in general, with a focus on the vagina.

101 Vagina is light and profound, cheeky and deep.

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I was first inspired by reading The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler while traveling in the USA in 2007. I continue to be inspired by it and the organisation Eve has created, V-day, to end violence against women, along with many other similar organisations.

The idea of doing a coffee table book arose after returning to Australia found came across Greg Taylor’s exhibition “Cunts… and other conversations”. I wanted to combine the visual element with women’s own stories. I knew of no other such book and found none when searching online at the time.

Since then I have come across other similar or related projects by other artists which continue to inspire this project, such as:

“Cunts”: Greg Taylor makes sculptures (not casts) of vaginas.
“The Great Wall of Vagina”: Jamie McCartney takes casts of vaginas.
“Heart of the flower”:  Andrew Banes and Yvonne Lumsden created a book of vaginas with photos and educational material.”
“Yoni Portraits”: Christina Camphauses’s intimate yoni paintings.
“The Cookie Book“: Maritza Breitenbach presents an anthology of all things vagina in an accessible, non-graphic way.
“Vagina: A new Biography”: Naomi Wolf’s incredible research into the Vagina-Brain connection.

Above all I am inspired by vaginas and their owners! The response so far has been nothing but positive :)



The photographic part of the work is now complete, however you can still participate by sending in a story, experience or poem for the blog section of this site. Please send your message/story to us via the contact page.

However, 101 Penis and 101 Breasts are still in the making and requiring participants. Please get in touch if you wish to participate in either of them.



“But that’s not a vagina!!!”

Yes, I know the photos are not technically of the vagina. Please read my explanation here.