Whoever you are, I made this book for you!

Gave a book away to a woman who just sat and cried in front of one of the photos and stories.

Whoever you are, I made this book for you!

This is why I created this project. There is so much healing needed around these issues, and every time I exhibit I see people being moved, being touched, and having their hearts and minds opened.

At the opening here in San Francisco there was a small group of boisterous young men present. They were not disrespectful but hadn’t yet engaged with the stories. They asked which one to read and I pointed them straight to the woman who’d been on the verge of cutting her own labia with a pair of scissors as a teenager.

Like everyone else they became absorbed in the ocean of emotion and feeling expressed in the stories.

It is a complex set of issues and emotions to find yourself confronted with. I have the sense that the lighter stories and funny quips actually do a lot to open people to the deeper and darker stories and experiences. If all the messages were ones of trauma people would perhaps keep some sort of guard up, to prevent themselves from feeling overwhelmed. And if it was only light and funny, people would dismiss it as too superficial.

But because trauma is interspersed with laughter and joy, the same way life is, people remain open and unable to either dismiss the lighter side, nor guard against the darker.

Again and again I see how powerful this work is.


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  • this book makes room for living (a living room) - a gift for all who pass through the room. (sitting, taking something in, letting something go.)
    thank you very much for making this book. thank you for creating and gifting a room where the great spectrum of experiences can (and does) rest.

    sincerely, and with great respect,


  • I agree with the purpose, the sentiments, the stories and the participation, but the title is perpetuating a misnomer. We do not see the vagina from the external view, it is an internal organ! It is the vulva that we view externally. Perhaps even coming to terms with that truth, may shed new light, new beginnings and new acceptance to the topic and allow discussions to begin with no preconceived ideas.

    The external characteristics differ greatly between people, albeit that there are individuals who sport similar characteristics to another. But I am sure if we asked a surgeon, we would also find our internal features differ as well. Size, shape and surfaces of hearts, lungs, kidneys, colons etc surely all differ.

    I used to be a sheep farmer and to most people they all look the same, but when you drench 20,000 lambs, you notice they have different facial hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, jaw shapes, muzzle shapes, lips, freckles, ears, teeth and all manner of variations in their head alone. So it is with humans.

    A door is a door, whether it is tall, short, wide, narrow, coloured or plain, open, ajar or closed. So too with an eye, ear, penis, breast or vulva. Naturists perhaps understand this more than anyone. You don’t have to be a model to be a naturist, just enjoy freedom, nature and realise that the skin is the biggest sensory organ you have. It is amazing how efficient the body is at cooling without clothes. Truly amazing.
    And children in naturist families grow up with none of the hangups of size, shape, maturity stage or prurience towards the opposite (or same) gender. They see it all, and accept it all as normal and nothing to be titillated by. At most they may ask a question (as kids do) and when given an honest answer, answer with a “Huh” and carry on their lives never thinking about it again. They see scars, flab, cellulite, veins, pot-bellies, hair in various places and it is all natural (or natural with modifications such as tattoos, jewellery, shaving, etc).
    I visited a nudist club once and my uncle keenly asked what the people were like. It was hard to categorise them and my eventual answer was “more normal than the average person”.

    Keep up the good work. Perhaps we will see 101 big toes, 101 earlobes, 101 noses. LOL.


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