Messages from 2013 Sydney Fringe exhibition

The below messages were written at the 101 Vagina Book Exhibition opening night. The exhibition is part of the Sydney Fringe fest 2013.

“I used to be told by society that men fuck women’s bodies.
Now I am wiser and know my cunt is the one fucking them and enveloping their entire cock.
Get fucked :)
Deal with it.
Raw Power.”

“My vagina , the source of my two greatest joys, my two daughters who entered the world through my opening.
Thank you, my vagina, for assisting in my greatest joy x2.”

“I love and hate you.
My medication numbs you and drys you.
And I wonder if anyone will Love you and I for our faults.
I am not a woman, nor a man.
I am just a person, blessed with a slit in my legs and a chemichal imbalance in my brain.
One day
    I hope we’ll both be okay.”

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