Vagina art & performance call for entries !

Want to get your vagina art on?

The 101 Vagina book launch and exhibition would love to get your creative vagina juices flowing.

Are you a performer, musician, poet, painter, sculptor, muffin maker, etc?

Come share the space !

The event is tentatively scheduled over the weekend from Thursday 28 Feb to Sunday 3 March, with the actual book launch being on the Thursday evening, but performances and installations etc. are sought for the whole weekend, or any part of it.

Dates will firm up over the next few days.

Specific things on my wishlist that would be great to have:

  • vagina cup cakes or similar (you could sell, or I pay for as part of catering)
  • some spoken word / poetry
  • music performances
  • vagina costumes
  • sculptures / jewellery / craft (you could sell?)
  • event manager / MC
  • etc?

I am unlikely to be able to pay in cash, but I could certainly pay via exchange, i.e. give you a copy or two of the 101 Vagina book which will sell for $50 ea.

Please get in touch with me, Philip, via

Ding! Ding!


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