Launch into the tweetosphere !

Omg omg omg, I’m allowed to be excited about this, right ?

Amanda Palmer tweeted this to her 700,000+ followers!

This might be normal or meh to some, but it’s the single biggest publicity hit so far!

I have also tweeted about the project to Johnny Depp (just started a publishing company), Oprah (saw her show YEARS ago where they were saying “vagina” out loud), Pink (bits), Lady Gaga (body image campaign) and Michale Moore (body politics). let’s see if they get behind the project… I think I’ll wet my pants if they do!


Other notable tweets so far:

Catherine Deveny (Comedian etc. Was in SBS ‘Go back to where you came from’)

Australian Federation of Medical Women (!!!)

Lisa Rogers (Made the labiaplasty documentary ‘The perfect vagina’)

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