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Melbourne MX newspaper article

And here it is, Melbourne MX newspaper article (7 May 2012), exactly the same story was what was run up in Brisbane.

Pretty exciting to be getting this media coverage :)

MX Brisbane newspaper article

101 Vagina in MX Brisbane (4 May 2012) ! Here it is :)

Pity it seems like this story was only run in the Brisbane MX and not Melbourne. Now I have women all the way up there wanting to participate. Well, might be a good excuse for a little holiday? :)

Click to view larger image and read.


101 Vagina in The Australian & MX interview

101 Vagina made it into The Australian today, a glorious 19 whole words worth!

And I was interviewed by MX Brisbane, who will pass the story to Sydney and Melbourne MX also, for a possible article in the next few days. The woman I spoke to there said that MX have a bit more freedom to cover quirky stories than the main stream news papers, so it seems this is right up their ally :)

The Australian mention reads:


PRESS release heading of the day: “101 Vagina - Taboo smashing coffee table book - Seeking participants.” Don’t panic, It’s art.”

Here is a scan below, ignore the other articles.

And on website it appears in the search but only accessible in the “premium section”. I’m flattered! :)

Media release

Well, I could have spent hours and hours collating a long list of potentially interested media outlets and publications to send them a media release but there are companies who specialise in doing just this for a reasonable fee, so I decided to save some time and clicked submit.

Out went an email to around 350 publications, magazines, TV, radio, newspapers, etc.

Will be interesting to see what comes of it :) An experiment of sorts…

Here is the pdf of the release.

Media Rlelease v6