The center of my being, is she…

“The center of my being, is she…

My lovely lady bits have been quite the cause of some trouble and blessings…

She was my own personal play thing until the age of 16, when another form of play was found.
Girls, boys and toys each had their share, until her primal design was put to use, when, three times, my singularly unique vagina brought my children into the world.
Her narrow canal being stretched and pulled to unimaginable shapes and sizes, only to remarkably snap back to true form.

She has been the cause of envy, temptation and desire with many questing after her and the body to which she belongs. She has stretched her tendrils into my mind and whispered gently in my ear willing me to travel to faraway places in the quest of satisfaction.
Jealousy over the desire shown by others caused a breakdown in a long term relationship, but freedom was gained, and my oh my, did she drink from the overflowing cup of attention.
Through boyfriends, girlfriends, lovers, a marriage and several swinging sessions, she has never let me down.
She has kept all my secrets. She has been my honest center of feeling. She never lies about whom I love or desire.

I am a Mother, a Lover and a Girlfriend. She will never leave me. She will always please me. We know each other so well.
She is beautiful, special and there will never be another like her.”

Joanne Hayes

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  • Joanne , what a fantastic and sexy message. I wonder what you’re like? I love how you openly describe your vagina as your play thing when you were at school. So true isn’t it. And then you go on to admit you’ve played with other girls , and been played with. Sharing each others vaginas - amazing. And then swinging! I love this also, lots and lots of different people, all spreading our legs in front of like minded people, and showing cock and cunt. So sexy. Thanks for posting

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