101 Vagina supports Sexcamp !


If you weren’t already aware of it, Sex Camp is happening! April 27-29, 2012.

Go to sexcamp.com.au and have a look around.

Their website will tell you much better what it’s about, but basically it’s a sex positive event to educate, interact, enjoy, learn, share, etc. etc.

It is also about breaking down taboos, which is one of this project’s main aims which is why I totally support Sex Camp.

Besides that, Vanessa is a close friend and happens to proudly be the #1 Vagina in this project! I helped her build the Sex Camp website. (No, I’m not getting commission or pay.)

I’ll be there and may have some 101 Vagina activities going on there. If I still need photos then I’ll set up a photo booth and we could also do a creative writing session for people to get in touch with their vaginas/penises etc.

So, get informed and get your tickets !

See you there :)


—- The below is from the Sex Camp website home page —-

Sex Camp is a unique weekend festival exploring and celebrating the spectrum of sexuality from the sacred to the profane.  In a beautiful bush setting, through interactive workshops, speakers, discussion, films, activities and performance, pitch a tent or take a dorm room and enjoy catered organic vegetarian food while you explore, learn, grow and share within a diverse, sex-positive community.



spiritual CONNECTION deep



thought provoking PLEASURE


 boundary pushing KINK



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