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Interview on Joy FM 94.9

Here is the podcast of the interview on Joy FM 94.9 Les Link show on the 16th February 2012 !

Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!

I had never been interviewed on radio before so it was pretty exciting and interesting to see how it all works behind the scenes and great to meet the team.

They themselves don’t actually know how many people listen to the show, but they often get messages from people listening  in Europe! :)

All pod-casts of the show can be found here:

Now I need to keep working on a media release to see if I can score some more interviews :)

Top 10 Tips For Your Vagina

Top 10 Tips For Your Vagina

By Jacqueline Hellyer -

A friend asked me recently what my top 10 tips for a vagina would be. Good question, I thought. So many women feel disconnected from their genitals, don’t have a good feeling about them. We don’t even have a decent word for them, often using the word “vagina” to apply to the whole genital area. So here I use the word ‘vagina’ to apply to just the vagina, and as to the whole of the genitals..? Well, read on!

  1. Honour It. The female genitals are the source of life. Other than a small input by the man at the start, the whole process of creating life takes place in the female genitals. That would have to be the most awesome thing in the entire universe!
  1. Name It. For such an awesome part of the body, it’s incredible that we don’t have a decent name, other than ‘genitals’. Even in casual talk there are not a lot of strong gorgeous names. We often refer to our ‘bits’, ‘down there’, ‘private parts’ or ‘nether regions’. It’s difficult to relate to an area of your body that you can’t even name! So give it a name: it’s my fanny or my quim, my yoni, qualia, bajingo, honey-pot, cinnebar crevasse….Even my cunt, because originally the meaning of the word cunt was “to beguile a man with one’s feminine charms”, which is rather a wonderful concept.
  1. Understand It. I think one of the reasons women don’t feel so good about their quim/farfalla/bajingo is because they don’t know how incredible it is. Women are built for extreme sexual pleasure! The anatomy, the physiology, the energetics. Once you understand that, and realise what you’re sexual potential is, then wow, you’re going to love it. Do you know how big your clitoris is? Most of it is on the inside! Do you know how much engorging material there is down there? How orgasms work? How you can go beyond normal orgasm to an orgasmic state? All thanks to your amazing bajingo.
  1. Incorporate It. It’s part of your body, so feel it as part of your body. Close your eyes and and go over every part of it in your mind, both the inside and the outside. Explore it with your hands and fingers. Take a good look at it in the mirror. When you can recline in front of a mirror with legs wide apart and look and say to yourself “Mmm, that is gorgeous!”, then you’ll know it’s part of you.
  1. Pamper It. Our bodies love and deserve to be pampered. It’s so good for the soul. Your honey-pot is part of your body and deserves that pampering too. So if you’re in a hot bath, part your legs and allow the warmth to wash over it. If you’re in the ocean, part your legs and allow the salty sting of the water to caress it. When you apply creams to you body, slather yourself all over (no creams or oils on the inside though). When making love with your partner, request/invite/allow it to be touched/massaged/embraced.
  1. Pleasure It. Our genitals are made for pleasure. The clitoris has no purpose at all, other than to provide exquisite pleasure. The mass of nerves, engorging material, lubricating and wetting functions, all conspire to show that our fannys are meant to be used for pleasure. So do so. With one another or on your own. Particularly on your own. The womanly art of self-pleasuring is so important to self-loving and self-honouring. See my video on self pleasuring if you need advice on how to do this (
  1. Listen to It. This is particularly in relation to having sex. One of the biggest problems I’ve noticed with people’s sex lives is that they move too fast. You have to listen to your body and in particular to your quim to know when you’re ready to move on. So you don’t start to kiss until your mouth is drawn to your partner’s. You don’t allow your breasts to be touched until you feel them lifting and moving towards your partner, wanting to be touched. You don’t allow your qualia to be touched until you feel your hips raising and your legs opening. And you don’t allow your partner to enter you until you feel your cinnebar crevasse yearning for his jade stalk, your yoni invites in his lingam, your cunt is dripping with desire for his cock… If you’re not really feeling it, don’t go there.

Now some tips on keeping it in good shape:

  1. Squeeze It. There’s a band of muscle that goes from your pubic bone to your tail bone. It’s important to keep it toned as it does some very important things. Firstly, it holds all your internal organs in place. If you don’t keep those muscles toned, your vagina might fall out when you get old. I kid you not, vaginal prolapse can happen to older women. Secondly, the contraction of these muscles is an important part of orgasm. The more toned the muscles, the better the orgasm. So ladies – squeeze! And squeeze some more! Imagine you’re stopping urine from flowing, those are the muscles to use. Squeeze rhythmically, then squeeze and hold a few seconds, then squeeze progressively tighter, keeping your abdominal muscles relaxed.
  1. Rest It. Rest is such an important part of health and well being. It applies to your vagina too. It’s good to give it a rest. Particularly during your period. In many traditional cultures women would take time out during their period to relax and rest, often with other women. This is not as many anthropologists have interpreted it because the women were considered ‘unclean’ at that time, but because it was a sacred time for a woman to go within. We modern women would benefit from doing the same. Take it easy during your period, especially the heavier days. Avoid exerting yourself, be peaceful, and avoid genital stimulation, especially intercourse. Get into the rhythm of your cycle, be aware of the ebbs and flows of your energy and work with those flows, rather than ignoring them or fighting them.
  1. Let it flow. And finally, on the topic of menstruation, let it flow. I do believe modern women try to hide to ignore and hide their cycles excessively. Tampons have their place, but if you let the blood flow, you’ll get more in touch with your body. So rest and let the blood flow during your period, and you’ll find more energy and more intuitive flow in the rest of your life.

To get more in touch with your feminine sexuality, attend one of my Luscious Woman workshops:


101 Vagina on Joy FM “Les Link” show

The 101 Vagina project is getting into the media !

Tiarne on the Joy FM show “Les Link” came across the project through a friend of hers liking the 101 Vagina Facebook page.

Had to chuckle when one of them said she opened this website at work and freaked out because of the vaginas on the home page slide show ;) and Tiarne ended up committing herself to participate !

I have inserted the part where they talk about the project into the media player here on this page.

Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!

And here are past podcasts from the show. Go to the show on the 26/1/2012 to about 25min 35sec to hear them talk about the project.

I was completely unaware of this until I got an email from Tijarne asking to come participate and inviting me in to the show for an interview to talk about the 101 Vagina project!

So, tune in for the interview on Joy FM 94.9 in Melbourne at 11pm on the 16th February, 2012 !!!
(or online at JoyFM - Les Link)


101 Vagina supports Sexcamp !


If you weren’t already aware of it, Sex Camp is happening! April 27-29, 2012.

Go to and have a look around.

Their website will tell you much better what it’s about, but basically it’s a sex positive event to educate, interact, enjoy, learn, share, etc. etc.

It is also about breaking down taboos, which is one of this project’s main aims which is why I totally support Sex Camp.

Besides that, Vanessa is a close friend and happens to proudly be the #1 Vagina in this project! I helped her build the Sex Camp website. (No, I’m not getting commission or pay.)

I’ll be there and may have some 101 Vagina activities going on there. If I still need photos then I’ll set up a photo booth and we could also do a creative writing session for people to get in touch with their vaginas/penises etc.

So, get informed and get your tickets !

See you there :)


—- The below is from the Sex Camp website home page —-

Sex Camp is a unique weekend festival exploring and celebrating the spectrum of sexuality from the sacred to the profane.  In a beautiful bush setting, through interactive workshops, speakers, discussion, films, activities and performance, pitch a tent or take a dorm room and enjoy catered organic vegetarian food while you explore, learn, grow and share within a diverse, sex-positive community.



spiritual CONNECTION deep



thought provoking PLEASURE


 boundary pushing KINK



Vagina/Vulva Muffins/Cupcakes !

So, my intent is for most of the blog content to be original, rather than re-posts and links etc.

However, I could not pass this one up. Vagina/vulva muffins/cupckaes are proliferating! :)

I’m realising how difficult it is to find the original creators of web content, considering that most things are simply reposted from other sources, but below is one example :)

Best to simply google “vagina cupcake”, click on “Images” at the top to get the google image search, and see for yourself!

From we have:
She even has a video on how to make them:

I would have thought there would be a market for this in Melbourne? I have not found anything locally on the net, was looking to promote someone local but came up empty handed. Let me know if you know of one.

Enjoy !