“Circumcised ?”

“I was getting my regular pap smear test in London. I had this examination many times before and it’s always been a straight forward procedure. However, this one left me feeling like a freak! The doctor asked me when giving the examination if I had been circumcised. Of course I hadn’t and was totally scared and panicked when he asked me. I replied no and asked why he would ask. He didn’t reply and had terrible bed side manners. After the procedure, he left the room and the nurse remained. Luckily she was a lot more gentle and considerate. I was quite upset and asked her if there was something wrong. She explained to me that I was missing part of my labia. Apparently, a very small population are missing part of the labia and that in some countries they circumcise this part of a female. Wow, that was different!

I walked away really not knowing how I felt. I was annoyed that no other doctors had told me before and furious with how I found out without the doctor giving an explanation and the way he had asked me. I told the guy who I was seeing at the time and he said “I thought you looked a little different. It looks really neat and nice and I really like looking at it, so don’t worry”. I did feel much better after hearing his feedback. Since the experience, I have felt slightly proud and content with the way it looks!”


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  • Wow Eva, when it comes to self consciousness around being desire, people can have strong reactions. The aesthetic of bodies and beauty creates an anit-aesthetic. It’s a difficult dilemma, because despite questions of beauty myths, it is denial to disregard that people are attracted to some people more than others. To disregard is to ignore inequity, and pretend we live in a world of equity. It’s nice that you now like the neatness of your vagina, but consider what some people are doing to be neat. https://topdocumentaryfilms.com/perfect-vagina/
    Well it been done, but it still needs to be done a lot more, congrats people, vaginas and Mr Weener. Sorry bad pun, Werner; good Job. I’m thinking of buying a copy for my sister, for her birthday.

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