“Innies and Outies”

“If I was to actually describe why I am interested in this project it stemmed from a discussion I had with friends over New Years. The boys were talking about who was circumcised and who wasn’t, and then the conversation turned to vaginas. I’m not very well versed in vaginas. I have one, but I don’t really look at it. It’s a part of me, but unknown to me. I know how things feel. I know folds and crests and ridges, and points of pleasure. But I do not define my vagina. It simply is.

Anyway, the conversation turned to ‘innies’ and ‘outies’. The interesting thing was, we knew nothing about them. None of us. I had to turn to one of my male friends and ask him what I ‘was’. The boys had very clear ideas of what makes a ‘good’ vagina, but I couldn’t even begin to describe a framework. I think vaginas resist words, resist definitions, cannot be constrained or presented in language. And that’s why I’ve suddenly become interested in looking at my vagina, quite literally. I suppose I am trying to see another part of myself.”



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  • Well, now I’m curious which one I am too. What’s an innie? What’s an outie? Am I supposed to know? Should I be sad that I don’t? Was someone supposed to tell me? Is it too late? God, I hope not. Please… respond and rescue. x

  • Hi Ilana, since you’re still waiting for a reply to your question I’ll do my best to answer.
    In my humble opinion, an ‘innie’ would be a vagina which has all of the labia minora or inner lips contained within and hidden by the labia majora or outer lips, whereas an ‘outie’ is a vagina where the inner lips protrude out from the outer lips. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labia_minora for photos.
    Both are beautiful! <3

  • i’m an innie! well… who knew. thank you Even. for someone i’ve never met, you’ve taught me something quite intimate about myself. thank you.

  • So I have one in n one out…wat does that make me?

  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vulva vs https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vagina

    Truly the word vulva should be used, not vagina. I do wish the school systems would stop being so afraid of talking about sex and make sure the correct terms are used and ignorance is not spread. (Although not knowing terms is a very much lesser offense and y’all can get away with it for the most part. :) It’s thinking rape has legitimacies that is complete ignorance.)

    Carry on!

  • So when we talk Innies /outies it’s not the clit we are talking about but the vulva lips correct ? Can someone please clarify this for me.. thanks

    • Yes, it’s not about the clitoris. It’s about whether the labia minora protrude beyond the labia majora. If they do protrude then that’s referred to as an “outie” because the labia minora are at least a little bit outside of the vulva. What is seen of the vulva is mainly the labia majora.

  • I have an outie I used to be insecure about it but now I love it. It’s very pink and when you open it up its shaped like a heart or small butterfly wings. My boyfriend thinks it’s unique and loves it…ive never had any complaints. I look at it like this. Don’t be insecure about something you were born with. Your different from the average female. Embrace it. You only get one body. Always protect it and defend it always be proud of it. Don’t let someone who doesn’t love you tell you that what you were born with isn’t good enough. If they can’t accept your body make the choice not to accept them.

  • I have an innie and I feel completely self-conscious about it! I feel like most guys are used to the outies. Mine is all hidden away from the world by the Labia Majora. ;(

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