“Embrace our truly sacred cunts!”

“Growing up is a strange thing, and as a women you are usually taught to keep your vagina and all its taboos to yourself. We are very much conditioned in this society to feel embarrassed to speak up about sex, our moonflow (period), pap smears etc. How ridiculous. Women need to feel support from not just other women, but from men also. We can’t have men screwing up their faces at the term ‘period’ but see their faces light up as soon as ‘sex’ is mentioned. As far as I am concerned it is all sacred, as it is a place of pleasure and creation.

When I was younger I used to want surgery on my labia minor, as I have a-symmetrical vaginal lips. I waited years and years for one to catch up with the other! I like symmetry, and thought it was the universes way of bringing me out of my comfort zone.

I soon started to really respect the fact that I was a little different, and alas, found out I really wasn’t that different at all, because many women experience this. One of my friends told me that it was cute, because it looks like my vagina is poking its tongue out! Now my friends and I laugh about it, and they sometimes call me A-Sym, and I feel complete in the fact that I am me and I am beautiful. I would rather not live up to a playboy portrait. Lets get all the REAL women out here! and EMBRACE OUR TRULY SACRED CUNTS!”

Taj x


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  • I, as a man, believe that the quest for God, the quest for meaning, is a conscious return to origins. Here I see the circularity of Mother Nature, that beginning and end are one. We journey through life and return to source, the eternal font of life. I believe that a repressive culture has made women guilty and shameful with respect to their bodies. Forget the ideal images, a real man loves and respects the real thing and, for true fulfilment, is happy to pay homage to his origins. Only through woman does man experience transcendence, the finite in touch with the infinite. It’s time to make our peace with the Earth and recognise our origins and ends. My face certainly lights up when I have the pleasure of being invited into the Gates of Heaven. And I am grateful for what I am given. In all shapes and sizes, as given by nature Herself.

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