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As I’m making these posts, and reading about and seeing more work which is similar from links people are sharing, I’m becoming clearer on the similarities and differences of this project.

One thing for example is that many of the other work out there are a more detailed, close up look at the vagina, and mainly in colour, whereas this project is black and white and photos are taken front on in standing pose.

I was quite clear from the outset that I wanted to create a book that challenged the status quo on one hand but was not too confronting (to the mainstream) on the other. A one step at a time kind of approach.

I am also aware that I am wanting to create a book which is beautiful, and beauty is a fraught subject when it comes to sexual politics. It seems impossible not to confront these ideas when working on a project like this as much as I want to keep things simple.

Can I create a beautiful book without projecting my idea of beauty on the subject of the images?


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